Bertrand Fleury

  • Nationality : French
  • Lives : Out of his suitcase
  • Hobbies : kite, surf, wake, jiu- jitsu, spearfishing.

Born in the north of France, Britany is where Bertrand’s love for the ocean began. He started windsurfing at an early age and later discovered kitesurfing, it eventually took up all of his time on the water.

In 2001 Bertrand’s professional career began when he moved to Maui, Hawaii which was the home to many of the worlds best Kitesurfers. Here is where he found his powered wake and wave riding “signature style”.

Bertrand has traveled extensively in search of the perfect kiting conditions, many of these destinations has increased his love for wave riding. His dream is to find somewhere where the wave riding is perfect so that he can, unpack his suitcase and ride every day.
Bertrand is passionate and professional when it comes to kitesurfing and his way of life.

Tuva Jansen

  • Nationality : Norway
  • Hobbies : surfing, SUP, kiting, swimming.

Tuva always loved pretty much any kind sports. When she got older she spend most of her time playing football, snowboarding and horse riding.

She discovered kitesurfing in Norway in 2001 and she realised early on that this was something she wanted to do more of. As she fast developed a good level, she also got sponsored and was able to live the dream, travel around the world as a freerider for many years. From being totally hooked on freestyle and wake tricks in the beginning, she soon discovered her love for waves and wave riding.

So the last 8 years she has spend traveling around in search for the perfect spots, but when she discovered her place in Indonesia she new she had found it.
So now she spend around 6 months in Indonesia with Bertrand and their daughter Aya who is 2 years old, and the rest of the year they go where they feel like going.
Tuva loves the water and spend most days in Indonesia surfing, SUP, kiting, swimming and snorkeling.