Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Terima kasih!

Tuva Jansen and Bertrand Fleury are inviting you to join them at their home in Indonesia to improve your wave riding skills!


Check out the lates video:

Join Bertrand Fleury and Tuva Jansen in their private house in one beautiful island in Indonesia ! They will take good care of you and do everything they can to help improve your WAVE riding at probably the best kitesurf spot and one of the best surf spot in the world.

Please contact them for more info or if you have any questions!

What’s up?
The 2 professionals kitesurfers, Tuva Jansen and Bertrand Fleury have been spending their last 10 years traveling the world kitesurfing, and searching for the best waves and wind out there. Now they want to share their knowledge with you.
This is not a camp for beginners, you need to be able to stay up wind, have good kite control, re- lunch and it is also a big advantage if you have spend a bit of time in the waves before.

But this camp will be a perfect place for you to improve your riding with help from Bertrand and Tuva. They will use video and photos in their coaching, something that makes it easier for you to see what you do wrong, or how you can do it better.
They will take you through all the aspects you need for riding the waves well: How to fly the kite in the waves, surf techniques, reading the waves, safety, rules in the water, help with the gear and everything else you would like to know!

This is a private camp, where only 3 riders ( or up to 5 friends) will get invited to stay for each week. Like this you will get good and personal coaching.
This is also a world class surf spot, so you can go for a couple hours surf or SUP in the morning with glassy waves, and then just after lunch time, the wind normally picks up, and transform the place to a perfect kite spot!

If it should be a day with no wind or waves, they will take you spare fishing ( they got some gear that you can use), snorkeling, cruising on the SUP boards, yoga etc…

This island is a short flight ( ca 40min) from Bali, DPS airport and then a 2 hours drive from the airport to the magic spot.

The house you will be staying at, is right on the spot, and you will wake up to the sound of the waves, and the smell of the ocean. The house has also a nice view to all the other spots around. You will get served traditional indonesian food every day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on the terrace.

Dates: 1 aug- 1 Nov

Price: To make it easier for everyone to plan there holiday, you can now stay as many nights you want.

135 euro pr night for up to 10 days
110 euro a night from 10 days and more.

This is included:
-All food/ drinks ( not alcohol)
-Video coaching everyday
-fishing trip on a boat if lack of good conditions
– massage
-CD with photos
-SUP and some surf boards

Terima kasih!