Indonesia 2010

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Terima kasih!

Every year I spend around 4 months in Indonesia because of the perfect waves and the cheap living. I love it there. I finished my house last year, just in front of maybe the best kite spot in the world and an amazing wave for surfing. But this year was very different to all the other years I have been there. The wind season never really came. We did have good waves most of the time, but not any huge swell as we normally get. But we for sure still got some good kite session in, just not as many as I wished for. Me and Tuva did our first year of kite clinics as well for the months of Sep and Oct. Even with not too much wind, I think most of our clients were pretty stoked. They all still improved their riding a lot. I think, just riding perfect waves with side shore wind makes everything a lot easier and with a few tips or two on how they can ride better helped a lot. Watching yourself riding on tape is the best way of learning I think. When it was days with no wind they had their best time surfing and SUP one of the many waves. We for sure gone do it again next year, so go to my website for more information. I have already got bookings for next year, so hurry up.

Oxbow sent John Bilderback over to Indo this year to start to shoot for their kite movie witch will be insane when it is done. He got some sick footage to work on. Now we are trying to figure out where to go and shoot next . Hard choices..
The photographer Benjamin Thourard came to visit us for his first time this year as well, and Ben managed to get some amazing shots the short time he was here. I was very impressed by his skills in the water.
So now I am soon on my way back to France for a few days, not sure how long I can stand the cold..I might escape fast to Morocco to see my friend Futha and to ride some good waves at the spot named Moulay. Will keep you updated on that.

Check out the little video I made from this year on Indonesia.

Terima kasih!