Triple- S, Cape Hatteras

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Terima kasih!

The Triple-S is a invitational contest where the riders just ride how much, and when they want through the week, and then in the end, the riders vote for their favorite. I think this a very cool way of doing a contest.
The Realkiteboarding crew had build some really sick sliders and kicker for the advent, and with this flat water and good wind, it has been a super cool week. It has been a lot of fun just to ride and hang out here, see everybody riding, and having a good time.
Realkiteboarding have a sick set up here, with one side flat water, and ton the other side you have the ocean and some good waves. This is really a place worth checking out!

Go to:, for more info about the Triple S, and the spot.

Check out the video from the first day:

I am soon on my way back to France now, where I will drive up to the north and hangout with my friends and look for some waves.

Terima kasih!